Software written in Max Msp to rehash and create static, corrupted, parasitized, delayed and glitched memes. Although glitch techniques have become mainstream, a fully glitched image remains difficult to market because of its shifting layers and inherent elusive content. Maybe glitched images could jolt us out of the rigid everyday way of thinking that capital imposes on us, be it even for a brief moment. Our every online action feeds into the data economy, but to glitch this data is to render it semi-unusable. To scramble content with layers of abstraction and noise, whilst still somehow communicating its intentions, memenesia’s output is perhaps less prone to commodification.

Memenesia can generate movies or snapshots during its processing. Texts can be included. The Memenesia software will be available for download soon. In the meantime you can find Memenesia’s output on my instagram.

Top definition Memenesia on Urban Dictionary: ‘when a meme is no longer “cool” and you have to force yourself to never mention it ever again, so as to avoid being mistaken for a meme-layman. you repress its existance from your mind and live on in blissful ignorance, until another frog on a unicycleor some shit arrives and fills the deep void where your parents love should be.’