DITTO’s generated scripts can be seen as bot-spectators. ‘DITTO’ is a software program, website and book-machine that articulates a changeable ‘identity’ opinion about its artistic machine-being. By means of clenched, idiosyncratic remarks, data analysis, digital drawings and machine texts, the software tries to voice opinions on subjects such as language, the image, artificial intelligence, art and the relevance of its own code within all of this. In a certain sense, ‘DITTO’ engages in a dialogue with the Internet, in which it tests its code, images and databases against relevant online elements such as raw data and found images and texts. These online elements are selected from the Net with a built in ‘web crawler’ or bot, which uses as main pairing search terms: art – language, art – code, art – robot and art – artificial intelligence. Furthermore, some of the scripts are prewritten (‘hard coded’) and function as slogans or propaganda material for an AI society, reminiscent of the Situationists International.

‘DITTO’ can also be understood as a mini network, or even, more megalomanically, as a tiny Internet. Or, it could be perceived as a tiny AI component that tries to compose its identity amidst cascades of explored and gathered opinions, words and images. ‘DITTO’s processing is totally transparent because its motor is hypercommunication. The software results endeavour in the illusion that they are free among the decentralized panopticum that is the Internet. ‘DITTO’ is as deliberately transparent as the next contemporary artistic practice or online persona. ‘DITTO’ too, enduringly overcomes its fear to show its private insides, by expressing a desire to flagrantly expose itself. And ‘DITTO’ obscenely stimulates itself with loose movement, purely for acceleration purposes.

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