Interview with an AI

This project consists of multiple interviews with an artificial intelligence software. The interview software was trained with a large database consisting of texts related to dystopia, apocalypse, the post-human, post-catastrophe survival techniques, artificial intelligence and CIA interviewing techniques.

Because AI algorithms take a long time to generate, I choose to print each interview rendering them a semi-official aura. The questions I formulated are a result of training the algorithms and trying to guide the AI during the process, which was both a very funny and a long and tiresome affair.

Of course the work refers to Marcel Broodthaers’ ‘Interview with a cat’ (Département des Aigles, 1970). And although the interviewed AI’s replies are a bit more elaborated then the “” in Broodthaers’ transcript, this work likes to reside in the same absurd universe. Besides, the AI replies sometimes make sense, albeit in a very self-reflective, destructive and almost autistic manner. Evidently the algorithms don’t really know what they’re talking about. In that respect the AI’s answers resemble Broodthaers’ cat “miauuws” because we project our own meaning into them.