AGITSENT, Department for AGITation of SENtiment & Trolling

ABSTRACTION OF LEFT VS RIGHT/textual promiscuity

Should we embrace uncertainty and chaos in the form of internet abstraction such that it resists the rationalist tendencies of capitalism? Troll the adherence of rationality.

AGITSENT is a derailed AI-meme-machine that continuously generates meme-like content online. The project makes use of several algorithms to generate its content, and relies heavily on the use of machine learning. The AGITSENT-pages reload automatically, so the viewer can sit back and experience the project. Albeit that there is also the possibility to interact with the software, with for instance an AGITSENT chat bot. A meme-chat is going on in the background and often pops up during the automated sessions. This chat serves as a vehicle to peak inside the software to communicate some of its machine generated choices.

Work in progress. For now the project consists of a site and a film in the making.

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